Zachary Delightful

Full Name

Zachariah Jaybird Delightful

Date and Place of Birth

Gravity Falls, 1999


7-13/14 (MMM-Ordinary Day), 13/14-15 (Ordinary Day-Dino Charge), 15 (Dino Charge), 16 (G:ZERO Trilogy), 17 (A Tale of Two Fugitives-present)


Negro, Kedjvenom


Simon Lamprey, Dick Gravestone, Suzy Diaz, Blu, Silas Ramsbottom, Platyborg, Pine Tree

Zachary Delightful (a.k.a. Sergeant Zachary) is the sole protagonist-turned Big Good of the Myles Bots series. He is the former Delightful trophy and the benefactor of the Myles Bots as of its creation.

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