The Busy Truth is a 2015 computer animated cartoon that airs on Cartoon Network that is a Cartoon Network Studio made. The show made is premiering in Cartoon Network on November 2 2015 in Japan and Australia. In December 26 2015 it made its series premiere in Australia and New Zealand and worldwide on December 27 2015. It will sell merchandise July 2016 and it's first 2 dvd's August 2016 (Pool Day and The Complete Season 1)

Plot Edit

In an apartment building in New York you may think New York is the busy part well it's the apartment building. Before we talk about the apartment building this is not a kind of New York you've seen they are field with pacific ocean animals. Meet Ken the only fish that can breath out of water. He is a koi fish from Japan that came all the way in the far north parts of Western Australia. He lives in a fresh good apartment well until the truth is revealed. The apartment building is CRAZY AND BUSY and mostly he can't get out of the building. He struggles with busy neighbours, messy food zone and gum no really GUM EVERYWHERE.The apartment may be big and amazing but maybe not amazing it is busy like the title. This is The Busy Truth.

Population Edit

The Busy Truth is one of the most successful modern cartoon network shows. The game on Wii U The Busy Truth: Business Strikes Back was brought 1000K times in the 2 days of it's release on March 13 2016. Along with merchandise in July 2016 and the first 2 dvd's in August 2016.

Movie Edit

The director Joe Murray says that a movie is in early pre production as on May 2016.

Episodes Edit

Search up list of The Busy Truth episodes on this wiki

Trivia Edit

This is the 2nd cartoon network made show in 2015 first was We Bare Bears

This is the first cartoon network show to start a movie less then a year of it's release

This will be the longest running Joe Murray cartoon he created he said

The pilot was released on What A Cartoon on Cartoon Network on December 31 1999.

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