The Amazing world
The Amazing world 2
Cartoon network's hit shows Regular show and The amazing world of Gumball colide in one special.


The park workers are going on a road trip some where far away and passing half way through Gumball's town. however when Rigby sets up a party at Gumball's town then Mordicai and Rigby both find out they won't be stopping half way. If so the party people will go to jail and get there revenge on Mordicai and Rigby. Meanwhile Gumball realizes that the party is on a school day they need to ditch with out being detected so Darwin and Gumball go to Mr.Robinson who turns out to be the ditching master. how will they all get to the party?


  1. Mordicai and Rigby get bored on the trip so they get there handheld video games Pops is interested to hear about these video games. Meanwhile Mr.Robinson techs Gumball and Darwin If they can ditch in a video game they can do it in real life so they use there console (The 4 were probally playing Wi-Fi) Gumball and Darwin were on team 1 (the knights) Mordicai and Rigby were team 2 (the police). Later Gumball and Darwin were winning so Mordicai and Rigby released the Master player (looks like Mr.Robinson) now they have to work together to destroy it.

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