Pilot Edit

Pilot - Dec 31 1999: A koi fish named Ken lives in a very busy apartment building that he hates

Season 1 (2015-2016) Edit

Paint to Perfection: Ken tries to create a painting for the entry of the apartment that welcomes creatures

Pool Party: Ken has the most craziest pool day ever

TV Addiction: Ken's friend Toby gets addicted to so many tv shows

Fresh Doom: When Ken goes to a local grocery store he struggles to get the best of what's on the list

Spolier Caution: Toby goes on a trusty website to watch a full movie and spoils it to everyone

Coin Chaos: Toby goes crazy over a coin that falls in the sewer and Ken has to join him

Online HERE: When Ken finds out he can buy online he never leaves the house and he waits

Superkoi: When ken post a video of toby raging it becomes a massive hit

Light Bulbs: As Toby looses money he has to look for a perfect new light bulb for his house

Stress Insane: Ken gets stressed from doing a home movement application

Fishing Trip: Toby wants Ken to join him on fishing but of course he is a Koi fish

Regular Busy: Regular Show characters join Toby and Ken on a road trip

Season 2 (2016-2017) Edit

Joe Murray said that Season 2 will come out in November 2016 with 13 episodes


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